Kept to the plan today.

Gym after work.  Nothing major.  But the heart was racing, the sweat was flowing.  Salad for lunch.  A Home-made McFish type sandwich for dinner as I was late kinda home.

Weighed myself after work and now have my starting point.  It was kinda what I expected.  Not my highest weight, but not great.



Blowing the Cobwebs Away

It’s been quite sometime since I last logged into the blog.  However, circumstances dictate that I now need to badly get back on the wagon or should that be treadmill?!

So yeah, the weight has creeped back on.  A couple of main reasons for this I feel.  Probably the breakdown of a relationship being the main one.  Coupled with a rough spell at work when I ended up not enjoying the particular role I was in at the time, meant that I did my usual and submerged myself into food for comfort.

I am now back on my feet and probably could have easily already started the process of getting my weight down.  I shuffled through 2016 with spells of gym attendance and then falling back off the wagon.

I am at the stage where I have very few clothes that suitably fit me.  A couple of t-shirts, pair of jeans & a couple of shirts is what I am living in at the moment as I would rather start to get the weight down rather than buying more clothes.

So today I have been strict with the food intake.  I am planning on re-starting at the gym tomorrow, weigh myself to gain a starting weight tomorrow I guess and then continue with the weekly weigh-in.

I may try and post something on a daily basis, I think it may keep on on track.  Even if its just a couple of lines or the obligatory food pic of dinner.

So here it begins!  Again….



Happy New Year to you all and I hope you had a good Xmas.

I am kinda glad it’s all out the way now.  I had a decent enough Xmas.  Dougie was home from London, me mate, which was nice to see him again.  Had a bit of a flu thing over the New Year so I had a bit of a quiet one, but to be honest, I havn’t done much the last couple of New Year Eve’s.

To sum up 2011?  Same as any other year really.  There were some really, really nice ‘highs,’ but with that you have to expect the ‘lows’ and I had some nasty ones of those.

I ended the year nicely when I got down to my lowest weight of 14st 12lb.  I did allow myself to enjoy the festive season without fretting about what I was consuming.  I usually do tbh.

So the next immediate objective will be to shed the Festive lbs and get back to the 14st 12 mark.  Was meant to start back at the gym today, but my sleeping pattern wasn’t quite in the gym mode so I had to abstain for a day.  I shall be there tomorrow as I am cream crackered tonight and will be heading off soon.

I also have next week off work 🙂  I am planning to spend a bit longer in the gym and get back into the routine with some longer gym sessions.  I have decided, time pending, that I am going to look into the times of the local swimming pools.  I love the water and when I was back in school I went from a pretty poor swimmer to a water baby quite quickly.  So I am hoping to be able to get a few swim sessions sorted out next week just for that something extra.

Next weigh-in I am planning to be on 15th January.  Where my main aim is the 14st 12.  Anything more will be a bonus.

Until then…


9 being an important number!!

So, it’s been 2 weeks since my last update.  I normally head to the gym Sunday morning and have a workout before I go and weigh myself.  Last Sunday however, the weather got a little nasty here and I wasn’t heading out early in that 🙂

I had set myself a few targets when I got back onto the healthy living.  3 to be precise.

Target 1: 15 stone 3 lbs – my previous lowest weight.

Target 2: 15 stone – would have marked a total of 9 stone that I had lost from my heaviest.

Target 3: Will remain a secret until I reach it.  It’s not too far off tho 🙂

So I went to the gym this morning. No rest despite it being my day off from work!  Then I went and weighed myself as I cannot do my usual Sunday weigh-in this week obviously.

Just had to check my previous weigh-in and realised the figure I had in my head was wrong and I have lost more than I thought since my last one.

 A mighty 7 lbs gone!

This takes me down to my lowest weight and makes it a total of 9 stone 2lbs (212lbs/96kg) total weight lost.  Very pleased with that and blowing past 2 of my targets.  Aiming for target 3 in the New Year!



Target #1 within range 🙂


I couldnt be assed rebooting the PC to get the scanner working, so make do with a pic of the weight receipt.



And an extra pic…